Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014 - 2nd round - Life

Hello there!
Round two, thanks for voting me!,
and again
double page layout, monochromatic,
and at least one B&W photo!

I choose white, 
not an easy task!
and a favorite picture
of Angelos when he was
a baby!

Hope you like it !


Totally addicted to ...

Hello there!
This is my take for
OUAS 's Febr. Challenge
with the following sketch

and journalling theme ...
'Totally addicted to...'

Easy...my son's newest addiction...
collecting pokemon tapes
as we call them in greek.
He is so addicted to it that
he even counts them
 in his sleep.

My journalling is written on the tag you can see
popping out from the little
red and white env.

With the following LO
I am also taking part
in Scrapbooking in Greece 's
February Challenge,
to use stencils, masks, mists and paint!

Thank you for watching,
hope you like it!


Scrap Tournament 2014 - 1st Challenge - 1000 steps from home!

Let the games begin!
Our first challenge was to create
a double page layout,
using at least three pictures,
1000 steps away from our home,
and documenting about it!
Not easy for a
total CAS girl like me!

But then, one morning,
on our way to school, 1000 steps from home!,
that was it!
That was the theme for my LO!
Our walk to school every day
with the same dilemma...
School door or Playground door?
(they are right across from one another!).

So this is it...
our everyday dilemma!

Hope you like it!


a NEW life

Καλημέρα και 
καλό μήνα!

Απο σήμερα λοιπόν
και κάθε 1η του μήνα
καινούρια πρόκληση
στο καινούριο 
challenge blog,

Το θέμα του μήνα...
η καινούριο.
Θέλουμε να δούμε την συγκεκριμένη
λέξη στην δημιουργία σας,
όποια και να είναι, 
σύνθεση, κάρτα, σελίδα art journal, 
Διαβάστε τους όρους
στο μπλογκ.

Η δική μου έμπνευση
μια απόλυτα 
για μια καινούρια ζωή
που ήρθε να αλλάξει
την ζωή μας πριν 
απο σχεδόν 2 χρόνια,
πως περνάει έτσι ο καιρός!

Δεν έχω να πω και πολλά,
με γνωρίζετε εξάλλου!

Ελπίζω να έρθετε
πολλές, και γιατί όχι πολλοί,
να παίξετε μαζί μας!